How to Stimulate Hair Growth

There’s one question that hair experts are asked more than any other hair related question on Earth. Can you guess what it is? I’m sure you’ve asked this same question yourself, either to your stylist or just to yourself as you’re making your way through the day: How do I Stimulate Hair Growth? Well, to be honest there’s no easy answer to this question, but I’ll do my best to dispel some of the myths that have surrounded it and shed some light on things you can actually do to help your hair.

How to Stimulate Hair Growth

The first thing that I need to get out of the way right from the get go is that there is NO “instant” cure for hair growth. There’s no magic pill or supplement or shampoo that’s going to make you sprout hair like crazy a few hours or days after you use it. It’s simply not the way that our body works. Do your best to remember this fact before you go along reading the next big company’s marketing slogan and believing that it’s going to work out for you just like they say. That’s what they want you to think!

Ok, so what can you actually do to stimulate hair growth? Let’s think about it in terms of your hair’s growth cycle. Most of us are lucky if we can grow around half a foot of hair per year. I’m guessing that if you’re here, you aren’t one of the lucky ones. The best thing you can do to try and hit this half a foot per year marker is to make sure your vitamin intake is spot on. That means taking a multivitamin every single day without fail.

Let’s think about what hair is made of next. It’s dead protein cells – pure and simple. So if you’re on a very low protein diet, it’s inevitable that you find yourself with weakened and brittle hair, along with a stunted growth cycle. Don’t do this to yourself! It’s SUCH an easy fix to just start eating right and getting enough protein in the diet will have a lot more benefits than simply helping your hair grow. You’ll find yourself with more and more energy as you continue on this healthy eating plan.

Lastly, make sure that your life is all in order. What I mean to say is that your hair, just like the rest of your body, responds to the overall level of stress that you’re living with on a day to day basis. Making sure you’re not someone who’s stressing out about every single possibility and event in your life will help to ensure that your hair is getting all of the ingredients it needs to grow beautifully.

There are a lot of different ways to influence the growth of your hair. While none of them are the quick fix you might have been looking for, don’t be discouraged! When used to together, these are a powerful hair-growing arsenal of tricks at your disposal. Use them wisely.

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